"Photinus Biomimeticus"
Honorable Mention, Newport Art Museum "Newport Annual" exhibition

China Blue Awards Reviews
is an award winning international artist who for two decades has been creating sound art works that focus on data sonification and the hidden acoustics of our world like the sounds imbedded in the iron of the Eiffel Tower or submerged in Venice's water. Her more recent biomimetic work continues to embrace data sonification while highlighting the issues of global warming and its impact on our fragile ecosystem. Her work has been shown in museums galleries and non-profit spaces around the world. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute.

2013 US Representative at Tokyo Wondersite's Experimental Art Fair

2012 Nominated Best Monographic Museum Show, Nationally by the International Association of Art Critics

2012 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Fellowship in New Genres

2008 U.S. Representative at OPEN XI, Venice, Italy


2013 Wall Street Journal

2012 Sculpture magazine

2011 NPR

2010 Art Papers

2007 Brooklyn Rail

2005 Artforum

2003 Art in America

2003 New York Times

Eiffel Tower

"China Blue (is) a forerunner in the ... contemporary sound art movement."
Edward Rubin, Sculpture magazine

"China Blue's work... has returned to the subject matter of nature in an effort to find either new meaning or create new metaphors..."

Jill Conner
New York Editor, Whitehot Magazine and contributor to Art in America and Sculpture

RISCA Panel Says: The panel was unanimously enthusiastic about awarding this applicant the Fellowship Award. The Works employ technology in new and interesting ways and this application was the only one to explore robotics. The panel described this artist's integration of sculpture and technology as strong.